Saturday, April 5, 2008

love/hate for my girls

There's a lot to dislike about NARS Lip Lacquer. It smells like plastic, the texture is incredibly tacky, and it's difficult to get the product out of the pot. But somehow all these sizable flaws make lacquer in the shade Chelsea Girls one of my few indispensable products.
Unlike most lip products, the tacky formula never looks like anything more than a little sheeny balm is on the lips. And while it may smell like plastic, you'll never find yourself absentmindedly eating it off your lips and the color lingers on lips after eating and drinking.
Above all, I love how this product lets me live a little Bond Girl fantasy. This shade turns my normally rosy lips into the perfect, effortless Bardot beach babe soft nude. Although the pot is kind of a pain, it's so much fun to whip out and swipe on lips in public in a very blase kind of way.

Lip Lacquer is a little steep at $24, but the pot contains more product than a tube of lipstick and I've found that it lasts for a year with regular use.

Is there any product you find to have major issues but still can't live without?


SwearOnChanel said...

MAC lipglass is sitcky and gummy and gooey and tastes like plastic...

but I love it.

annette_la_coquette said...

I know you and I have discussed this ad nauseum (this is Ann), but...Great Lash normally inspires nothing but hate from me, but lately I've been using it more than I should. You know how sometimes a dress looks fine with a dainty little sandal, but it gains a whole new edge and just looks better with a more substantial shoe? I feel that way about Great Lash, especially with all the pastels that run rampant in spring. Applied with a light hand, it gives my lashes more heft without being spidery, which in turn lends a bit more weight to the rest of my face without being overwhelming.

...And I have officially devoted too much time to thinking about mascara.

whitney said...

Lancome's Juicy Tube in Framboise. Cannot live without it. I find it great for school, bars, grocery shopping, pretty much everything. Makes your lips look done, but not too done, at school, and completely kissable in bar light.

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